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Silicone Weed Pipe With Glass Bowl

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an awesome 4.5″ Hornet silicone handpipe. Comes with a cleaning tool and stash box to keep your tobacco safe. Glass bowl pops out of the pipe so that you can easily clean it. Silicone body keeps the smoking bowl safe. This would make for a fun new piece or an awesome gift. High quality FDA approved FOOD GRADE silicone keeps you safe while you smoke. NO BPA is in this product. Treat yourself or someone else to a great piece!


1 (ONE) Glass and Silicone Tobacco Smoking Pipe – Black / Green / White

Length 4.5 inches ***

Comes with a Glass Bowl and Cleaning Tool

Easy to take apart, clean and put back together

Silicone design prevents damage to the most commonly damaged part of the pipe while glass allows for a smooth smoking experience. NO BPA is in this product.

*** As with all handmade products, variation in size will occur. MOST of our pipes sit at 4.5 inches however we allow for a variation of +/- 0.25 inches. This means, your pipe may be anywhere from 4.25 inches to 4.75 inches in length


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